Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gotta Catch 'Em All!!

In only 2 days my little boy will be celebrating his 9th bday! Yikes,time sure does fly. As much as it makes me just a little sad that he's growing up so fast, his birthdays are something we look forward to every year. Planning his birthday party is always so much fun.
This year he settled on a Pokemon:Black and White inspired theme. Boy,did I have my work cut out for me. Blog Land is filled with so much inspiration and fun ideas to make a bday party extra special. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find very many ideas for a pokemon inspired bday party. Luckily for you that means Tutorial Time!!!!
I will be sharing some of the cool details of Prince Charmings bday party next week after the party,so stay tuned.
 I definitely did not want store bought invitations. I was looking for something that would set the tone for the party. So (with my sonshines help) we set out to create these super cool (and super easy) Pokeball invites.
 Minimal Supplies required. Awesome right?
Ok,you will need card stock paper in 3 different colors. Red,black and white. You can make about 3 invitation out of these 3 papers. A large circle to trace. Like a lid or the top of a large slurpee cup. We don't get to fancy around here. Whatever you have on hand will work. Small brads. Those can be found at Michael's and will run you about $3. Glue stick. On sale Everywhere right now. Scissor,duh.
Ok so trace your circle on to each of the papers and cut each of them out. The size can vary depending on how big you want the invitation to be.

Now take the red circle and fold it in half like so.
Cut the circle down the middle. You will end up with two half circles.
So now you take the white circle and place it on top of the black circle. Take one of the brads and pin it in the center on the left side. Like this.
Now take the glue stick to the red paper and glue it on the bottom half of the white circle. (I realize in my picture it looks like it's on the left hand side but blogger is not cooperating with me right now and won't post my picture correctly. So just tilt you head to the right and just pretend ok)

Now take the black paper and make a long black strip as long as the pokeball and about 1/2" wide. Glue the strip onto the pokeball so that it's on the red and white paper.
Now you need to cut a black circle and a smaller white circle.
I used the bottom of an aspirin bottle for the white circle and the bottom of a large vitamin bottle for the black circle. Again guys,no need to get fancy. Party's are expensive enough. Just use your best judgement as far as size and you can use whatever you have laying around the house.
Now glue the black circle to the center of the pokeball and after that glue the white circle on top of the black circle.
Ta-Da!! Looks good right! You can write the party info on the inside of the pokeball by either typing the info and cutting a smaller circle to fit inside the black circle,or you can use a gel pen since the inside of the invite is black.

I chose not to use white paper for the back of the invite because I figured it would waste paper that way but again that is up to you.
Prince Charming and his friends were totally impressed to receive such a cool invite and it made them that much more excited for the party.
Stay tuned for more pokemon party ideas and inspiration!

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